So we finished the next object. Installed doors in the new building.
#ElPorta doors, the design is pretty, but the performance is terrible. The rack boxes are almost all of a different size in a quarter, the seals are different, the extras in the boxes in some hang out in others, even with a hammer they do not enter. Doors 2 pieces in an arc, and one wave😱😱😱 In general, there were again exams for dancing with a tambourine.
Removable mortise hinges Nora, plumbing locks and Apecs latches.
The doorways are again overpriced, it’s good that the plaster was glued and the openings were lowered to the desired size.
I don’t know the cracks above the doors. I advised them to glue on top the capital which is without crowns, but I don’t know how it will look.
If the platband were flat, then one could come up with something, and so …. The boss there is big, let him think.
This is what the omnipotent tambourine does.
Customers satisfied 👍👍👍

You can agree on the exact time and date for measuring and or installing doors through hp or by phone: ✔ Call: ☎ +79632987010 ☎ +79114966974 # installation door door valeomerading # vithome39 # like4like # 39 door # mine work #foto # Kaliningrad region #decoration #door good morning # interior doors #room # Kaliningrad #home # repair apartments # new building #architecture # photos # like