🍎The theme with which we will start this week:
The PH in food 🍋 Did you know that each food has a different PH?
As for fruits and vegetables there is an existing list of their PH values.
And this is measured to verify its degree of acidity. We all know that a lemon is acidic because of its flavor. But we cannot distinguish the other extreme that not so acidic (alkaline) can be a food.
In chemistry the PH varies between 0 and 14. And it is known as the measure between the degree of acidity or alkalinity.
It is important to know how to balance the PH of what we eat daily since this is what we consume. Apart from the chemicals that many of them contain today. This can cause the PH to vary to more acid than neutral or alkali.
PH less than 7 is considered acidic.
PH greater than 7 is considered basic or alkaline.
PH equal to 7 is neutral.
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