#wedding #bride
Busy everyone, thank you for coming 歹 wedding
I remember when I said that I wanted to have a wedding, many people
Signed up actively, some immediately booked tickets back
More heart than participating in the presidential vote 不
Asked 100 people, 90 people want to participate, I was scared 不
Some have ordered makeup artists, set up, etc. themselves early in the morning
Take this as a very serious matter, thank you
There are also some I am embarrassed to ask and come here automatically!!!!!! I am really touched!!!!!! Many overseas friends are even more moved to come
Thank you for removing all difficulties
I can't thank you one by one, you are all in my heart

The people who came to the wedding and WeChat gave sincere blessings
I will keep it in my heart, remember~
Really miss you guys><!!!
That day is so short

It's a pity to recover
Failed to say a few words to you
Its a pity, then its over……………….