Wednesday Afternoon, sharing the photographs of Julia @_jmphotos_ You have a collection in this publication of the Hotel @fairmontreyjuancarlosi of the centers of one of our weddings this year 2019. There are so many selected photographs of the same centers, for all people that you ask me how a centerpiece should be, and everything that must be taken into account for your ideal centerpiece. The important thing is good visibility for the guests to enjoy at dinner, a visual impact effect that you feel identified with the emotion or sensation you want to transmit and key colors + textures so that there is a harmony and common thread throughout the decoration of the wedding or event. You have to leave the centers very delicately despite the fact that sometimes I am not particularly light 😉, and I thank all the catering teams that we have shared at various weddings and they have always been key to coordinating the placement and distribution of the tables , timings and professional teamwork to give you the best service at your wedding. Greetings everyone 😘